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Trauma-informed Crisis De-escalation

Yes And... That Makes Sense

CRISIS Consulting teaches a unique, affordable crisis de-escalation course that is rooted on the trauma-informed care, the foundational principles of improvisational acting, and emotional validation techniques developed by the founders of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

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Crisis and Improv

Improvisational acting and crisis de-escalation have many overlapping skills. They require sensitivity to how one's body is moving and positioned. They require quick thinking and an ability to roll with the punches. CRISIS Consulting uses these similarities to teach would-be de-escalators how to use the self to radically change the escalated behavior.

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Crisis and Validation

The founders of DBT developed six forms of emotional validation. CRISIS Consulting teaches these as the basis of how to speak to someone who is experiencing a crisis. The basics of the de-escalation course include what to say and how to say it. During the training, learners will get chances to practice emotional validation and learn some of the pitfalls that can occur while doing it.

Couple Showing Affection
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