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CRISIS Consulting

Critical Responses in Supportive Integrated Services


Mobile Crisis in Your Area

Are the people in your area interested in starting a mobile crisis program? We specialize in getting them started. Find out more about our full-range of services.


Trauma-Informed Crisis De-Esacaltion

An introduction to trauma, how it creates crises, and tools to de-escalate. Great for anyone!


De-Escalation for Extreme States

Building off trauma-informed care, this training introduces de-escalation techniques specifically for people experiencing psychosis, mania, and other extreme states. Great for social service workers and first responders.


Trauma-Informed Med Evals

Med evals are the staple of EMS, but patients with a history of trauma can be difficult to assess. Learn techniques to maximize your med evals. Great for EMTs and Medics.

Why CAHOOTS-style Mobile Crisis Intervention Services?

We as a society have placed an enormous burden on police and fire/EMS services to solve crises deriving from mental health, substance use, and homelessness. While there are a broad range of services and ways to address these issues at their root, mobile crisis using a crisis worker and EMT is the most innovative first response model for responding to these types of crises. Not only does it provide a safe, effective way to respond to human need, it alleviates this burden we have saddled on our first responders. It is truly a win-win.

About me

Ben Adam Climer worked for 5 years on the CAHOOTS team as a crisis counselor and an EMT. He has 10 years of experience in social services, including case management and program management. Ben Adam lives in Pasadena, CA and is dedicated to the mission of creating mobile crisis teams as behavioral health first response everywhere. Ben Adam is the creator and operator of CRISIS.

Getting Help

When you use CRISIS Consulting, you get more than just a consultant sitting at a desk collecting a paycheck in exchange for advice. You get a full-service offering that includes on-the-ground training with an experienced crisis intervention specialist and EMT.


Assess the Context


Develop the Infrastructure


Implement the Program


Compassionate, focused, collaborative—Ben Adam exudes community and partnership. Working with him was delightful and powerful as he is committed to providing exceptional service and quality, successful results. A strategic superstar hire for any organization wanting to achieve the best for their community.

Peggy Flynn

City Manager

City of Petaluma

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